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Friendly Foodie Post: Comic-Con 2014


If you just so happen to be one of the lucky ones arriving in San Diego for Comic-Con this year, may this post find you and provide some useful suggestions for all you foodie’s at heart.

Foodie Spots (Downtown)
1. Lolita’s Taco Shop (Park Blvd) - If you’re not from San Diego and you find yourself craving some solid Mexican food, please consider Lolita’s. As a Mexican-American and native San Diegan, Lolita’s is my go-to for quality Mexican fast-food. The owners have really worked to make the chain something solid, and it shows in their products. I’d suggest their California burrito (obviously) or their Carne Asada Fries, but pretty much everything I’ve had on the menu is delicious. Also, don’t leave without trying their salsa verde… it’s my personal favorite.

2. Donut Bar (B Street) - Okay, you may think paying $3 for a doughnut is crazy talk… but these doughnuts don’t play around. These gourmet doughnuts hit the spot if you’re craving something sweet but that’s not even the best part… they only make so many doughnuts a day - so every doughnut is fresh and made with care. Just for sdcc, they make special doughnuts (I’m personally loving the fact that they made a butter beer doughnut) based on tv shows and comics. They also sell waffles and coffee, so that’s a plus!

3. The District (Market St) - The District has become my staple sandwich shop for lunch when I’m at work. They serve breakfast sandwiches, hot and cold sandwiches, and a variety of salads. Every new sandwich I’ve tried, I’ve never been disappointed. My favorites are the Breakfast Dip, Old Reliable, and Petco Pastrami (named after our ballpark, of course). Also, the guys taking your order will more than likely be the owners so don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations.

4. La Puerta (5th Ave) - So La Puerta is technically a tequila bar, but don’t be fooled - they offer a nice variety of lunch options that will give you just the right touch of Mexican flare. They have a great surf-n-turf burrito and tacos, and their wet burritos hit the spot. I’d also suggest their Mojito slushies if you’re over 21 and looking for a nice drink to cool you down.

5. The Kebab Shop (9th Ave) - This California Mediterranean spot is a great place to stop by if you’re into kebabs, falafels, greek salads, and gyros. They make a grilled salmon kebab that is so good and have a variety of side options to pair with your kebab/döner/salad/what have you. This place gets pretty busy around lunch time, but it’s worth the wait.

6. The Mission (J Street) - This has to be my favorite sit-down breakfast spot right now. Rosemary potatoes with soy chorizo covered in a chipotle crema? To die for. They have a wide variety of pancakes that are absolutely delicious, and if you’re a french toast person… don’t go here without trying them. I always recommend the potatoes here, if you’ve tried them you know why. One of the best things about San Diego is all the Mexican influence on food and this place hits it right on the mark.

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All hail our patron saint, Tim Howard


All hail our patron saint, Tim Howard